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Student Systems


Several different tools, suiting varying levels of user experience, can be used to run reports from the Student Information System.  Some methods offer the ability for users to author their own reports, with a high level of complexity in report data and calculation, in a variety of formats and interface designs.  The extraction and analysis of information from the system can be a time-consuming activity for a large number of staff across the central administration and collegiate University, and users may have to spend time validating the data as there can be small differences in output from the different reporting tools.

The Student Systems team commenced a project in 2013 to replace the currently duplicated reporting systems with one standard system that makes use of the latest Oracle Business Intelligence technology, is easy to use, and compatible with all Student Systems.

The Student Systems reporting team has completed the first phase of the project, to provide management information reporting for graduate admissions data, and they will continue their work to complete the graduate student lifecycle during 2014 and beyond to provide other business areas of the University with the new management information reporting tool.