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Purpose of the programme:

The Student Information System has been in use since 2004, and is a large, complex system. Although the Student System team has always followed best practice, there are still elements of the System that require updating and improving.  The purpose of this programme of work is to provide a technical structure that will ensure a robust platform for the System by:

  • utilising new technologies provided by our vendors (Oracle, and Serengeti) within specified areas of the system, to ensure that Student Systems are up-to-date, and to reduce the amount of customised solutions
  • implementing new and improved coding standards
  • purging obsolete code with the intention of making the system more easily maintainable and reducing the risk of error
  • revising the current security model to remove complexity
  • adopting a universal standard to ensure consistency and usability for utilities such as ‘Workflow’, ‘Alerts’, and ‘Email’
  • further improving the Student Systems mobile platform

Benefit to the University:

Improvements to performance of the System due to a much less complex build, usability improvements, a reduced number of Helpdesk calls, easier maintenance, and a reduction in the time spent analysing the impact of a given change, quicker turnaround time of Helpdesk calls, up-to-date software to utilise the latest technologies and functionality included in updates from vendors.