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Purpose of the programme:

The Student Operations Programme supports the work currently taking place within the Academic Division’s Student Operations Group, including work required by the Educational and Student Policy Office. The programme will facilitate the IT requirements for the new Student Services Centre due to open in 2017. It will improve the use of the Student Information System in the Student Registry, which in turn will provide an improved service to all users. The initial focus will be on Admissions, Fees, Supervision Reporting, and Student Services. There are several aspects to this programme: i) implementing recommendations from previous reviews (Graduate Admissions, and Graduate Supervision Reporting); and ii) creating the capability to ensure the management of student fees is efficient and fit for purpose.

Benefit to the University:

Improvements to admissions, and Student Registry functions, will have a positive reputational benefit to the University. Improved on-line application services including new supervision reporting functionality, business process improvements, and simplification of the fees structure in the System, will facilitate a reduction in workload for college and departmental administrators, Student Registry, and the Student Systems team.