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Student Analytics Project


The project was originally approved by the Student Information Systems Committee (SISC), and a Reporting Working Group was created to set the project’s strategy. The working group is chaired by the Head of Planning and Resource Allocation and comprises senior members of staff from a range of organisations within the University.

The reporting project has initially been split into five separate phases. These phases are:

  • Graduate admissions
  • Graduate student lifecycle
  • Undergraduate admissions
  • Undergraduate student lifecycle
  • Student financials

For each phase the project team, under the guidance of the Reporting Working Group, invite members of several organisations in the institution to form a user group.

Each phase will involve:

  • the project team and user group producing a set of consolidated requirements, with a view to building a set of reports that will provide business analytics to inform them about current and historical graduate admissions activity.
  • the project team building a high quality, high performance data warehouse to take data from the Student Information System and to transform it so that it can be used to meet the requirements of the user group.
  • the draft reports being published to the user group to be tested for accuracy and efficacy, and undergoing internal quality assurance testing.

Once all parts of the project are complete, the reports will be published to the live Student Analytics system.