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Who is it for?

We provide Moodle training for academics and administrators who are in charge of Moodle courses.

 What training courses are available?

1. Standard three hour sessions Moodle: Getting Started

  • Introduction to Moodle
    • Navigation
    • Moodle structure
  • Managing your course
    • Editing course settings, such as a course name and format
    • Managing course participants
    • Editing course content
      • Adding and editing resources, such as files and folders
      • Adding and editing activities such as forums and polls

2. Special 90 minute sessions

  • Feedback 
    • Editing settings of a feedback form
    • Analysing results
  • Online Submissions
    • Set up an assignment
    • Use the grading system
  • Managing Access
    • Set up groups
    • Set up groupings
    • Restrict access to course content using groups, groupings and other methods.

Where do I book?

The schedule of training courses, including booking options, is available on the University Training Booking System at

Do you offer any bespoke training?

Bespoke training for a group can be arranged.  Some specific questions can even be covered on a one-to-one basis over the telephone. Please contact our Helpdesk to discuss your training needs:

Moodle Training

Sandra Jackson

Sandra Jackson
User Support Analyst (Training / Helpdesk)

Anna Nerukh

Anna Nerukh
User Support Analyst (Training / Helpdesk)