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This page outlines ongoing University projects that are being integrated into Moodle and will help to enhance teaching and learning.  All projects on this page are still in progress, and we will post updates as appropriate.

New future for Moodle

Over the next 18 months, we will be making some important changes to the University’s virtual learning environment (VLE), Moodle. These changes are required to meet forthcoming accessibility legislation, improve the user experience and to help the University simplify how it manages data.  Full details on the New future for Moodle page...

General improvements

The current round of general improvements includes work to the look and feel of Moodle, including accessibility fixes, improvements to the way in which Moodle handles data, review of new functionality and ongoing bug and security patching.     

Data review

The UIS Teaching & Learning team are undertaking ongoing reviews of data interfaces from university sources, such as CamSIS, CHRIS (HR system), Lookup and Departmental servers. As part of this ongoing project the locations, types and timings of data interfaces are being reviewed. 

Lecture Capture

Online educational videos and lecture capture (pilot)​

Moodle Mobile

The developers of Moodle have also produced an app for mobile devices called ‘Moodle Mobile’.  The University of Cambridge’s Moodle team has been evaluating this app, but it is not currently enabled for our Moodle courses.

Our evaluations have shown that the majority of our courses will not display properly when viewed using the app, with much information and materials missing.  We will review the app each time we upgrade with the intention to enable it as soon as possible.

Users of mobile devices should currently be able to access Moodle without the need for any additional apps as our design is responsive across a wide range of devices.