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Student Systems


The Live Operations team is responsible for ensuring that our student systems are available for you to use when you need them and that they are always performing as well as we can possibly make them. 

The team comprises more than just the helpdesk. Additionally, we have experts in how the system works both for you (our functional team) and under the covers (our technical team), and, we also have dedicated testing.  The team is managed by Neil King.

The Live Operations team is also responsible for a number of processes and functions that are all critical to ensuring the system works as effectively and efficiently as possible.  

These include:

  • Release management - More detail about releases can be found on the release section of our website.
  • Change management - Ensuring any changes that we are responsible for, or those being made to the University’s wider IT infrastructure, don’t stop you from being able to use the Student Systems to do your job.
  • System maintenance - We apply patches and review new functionality from the vendors of our student systems.
  • Requests for change - More detail about the change process can be found on our website in the ‘asking for a change’ section.
  • Account management - More detail about accessing the Student Systems can be found on our website in the ‘accounts’ section.
  • Statutory interface maintenance – Ensuring we can communicate with HESA, HEFCE, UKBA, UCAS…
  • Technical Support - This support includes the provision and maintenance of both the ‘Outbound Interface’ and ‘Connect’ services that provide an interface to data for use in systems in Colleges and Departments.

The Live Operations team is always looking to improve the services it delivers and is currently working on  a number of initiatives you may find interesting.  These initiatives include:

Improving our internal knowledge sharing – in 2013 we introduced a ‘knowledgebase’ for our staff. In 2014 we aim to further enhance the knowledgebase and also introduce a similar ‘Frequently asked Questions’ system for our helpdesk staff so that they can answer more of your questions the first time they speak to you.

Make more information available to you – In 2014 we are looking at options to make more information available to you regarding current issues and changes we are working on for you.  Keep an eye on our website for further information or subscribe to our bulletin to make sure you don’t miss any announcements.

Should you have any questions about the Live Operations team, or feedback on how you think the service it delivers could be improved, please contact Neil King who manages the Live Operations group.