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A course has been created in Moodle to assist users who are themselves setting out to build teaching courses in Moodle. The course covers planning as well as building a basic course of your own and managing access to it by students.

Also included are examples of ways in which you might extend a basic course using Moodle's interactive features, both to make it easier for you to deliver the course, and to enhance the students' learning experience.

The goal is to assist you in using the key features of Moodle to support your face-to-face teaching. This course should be a useful guide to the best ways to use Moodle and includes information on using Moodle across a wide array of institutions within the University of Cambridge. By the end, you should be able to set up a course, select the most appropriate activities and resources and consider the best way to use Moodle for evaluating student learning.

This course is available to all University of Cambridge Moodle users via the link:

Good practice course