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Student Systems


University Information Services
Student Systems
Roger Needham Building
7 J J Thomson Avenue

Helpdesk: 01223 (7)64999

Fax: 01223 (7)66939


Live Operations

Neil King Student Systems Manager 64348
Mark Smith Live Operations Manager 66867
Mike Sargeant Functional Consultant 64345
Jackie Jones Functional Analyst 66318


Beata Scott Functional Consultant 61580
Melanie Pearce Functional Consultant 60179
Nick Tippler Functional Consultant 61579
Simon Nicol Functional Analyst 60179
Chris Hay Functional Analyst 60910

Customer Management

Andy Kent Teaching and Learning Systems Manager 66626
Sharon Mott User Support Specialist 64335
John Hocking User Support Specialist 66361
Sandra Jackson User Support Specialist 48866


Michelle Young Technical Manager 60180
Rachel Coleman Finch Technical Specialist and Deputy Technical Manager 64312
Matt Emmerson Technical Specialist 64343
Daron Wild Technical Specialist 66088
Mika Stoute Technical Specialist 60907
Sonia Arnanz Technical Specialist 60906
Helen White Technical Specialist 66461
Harriot Smith Technical Specialist 32995
Vincent Chan Technical Specialist 66212
Andy Nam Graduate Trainee Developer 64334
Louise Vincent IT Consultant 66434


Sandra Jackson User Support Specialist 48866


Jane Karger Test Manager 66616
Ola Olomola Test Analyst 64492
Agustin Fernandez Test Analyst 64541
Erich Meyer Test Analyst 61581
Georgina Foster Test Analyst 61578
Michael Bardouceau Test Analyst 66231
Richa Goel Test Analyst 66228

Colin Bean Test Analyst 66252


Shaun Lindsay   66618
Paul Houghton   64331
Richard Smith   66610
Ansar Malik   66629